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Lamm - Realm 3: Thorns Lamm - Realm 3: Thorns

Rated 5 / 5 stars

really like how you approached this thorn world idea in the description, very cool.

my favourite part is definitely the bassline you have going on at the start with that rough sounding synth. none of the melodies are very memorable, but i feel like they work more as ambient kind of sounds, considering how this is game music.

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MetalRenard responds:

Cheers, thanks for leaving a comment. I'm glad you liked my approach. :)

Euphonius Euphonius

Rated 4 / 5 stars

nice chord and bassline combo, groovy as.
that melody at 1:06 actually works really well too. im not a huge fan on the actual sound you've chosen for the melody though.
guitar is a nice touch aswell.

all the elements work really nicely together, well done. nothing very special here but it definitely sounds good.

Voltus responds:

thanks for the review. the track is based on a really generic formula so nothing too special there ;)

Dreamsides Dreamsides

Rated 4 / 5 stars

i started getting spooks around the 50 second mark and had to stop listening. its too late at night for scary music.

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Azhthar responds:

Uhmm... I´m sorry for that...

Euphoria {Dj-Abbic} Euphoria {Dj-Abbic}

Rated 4 / 5 stars

a very exciting song thats for sure.

the synth chord cuts are too frantic for me and i'm not a fan of how hectic most of the song is.
So many synths blaring in to my ears at a frantic pace and although the sound of the synths and their melodies work well together, the way they are presented is not very pleasing for me.

the production is pretty good but isn't flawless.
at 2:10 the drums are really drowned by all the other sounds. you need to do some more prevalent sidechaining or use some eqing. Throughout the whole song the percussion tends to be too quiet for my liking.

the song as a whole is exciting but the technical production isn't.
the song sounds too heavy in the low mid section and quite dull in the highs. i'd boost some of the higher frequencies on some of your synths to make them more lively.
a lot of your sounds have a lot of reverb on them which makes some parts sound muddy, use some high pass filters to get rid of some of that reverb mud.

overall, an alright song that doesn't appeal to me all that much, but its good for a first shot at a genre you haven't made anything in before.

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DjAbbic responds:

I guess the way it sounds isn't for everyone. I personally liked the pacing of this need to keep up old man! (juuuust kidding)

It may be the samples I chose, but I couldn't really make the drums much louder than they currently are without compression. Although this can be seen as a drawback, I think it also brings out the synths more (which is probably a good thing due to their choppy nature) and could also be viewed as a positive.

You're right in saying that this lacks highs though. I didn't boost the highs because my synths are usually loud in the highs anyway, but this doesn't seem to be the case here.

As for the reverb mud, I assume you're talking about 0:44 and 2:44, in which case I would agree; there's far too much reverb in those parts.

Thanks a lot for the detailed review! I really appreciate it!

Liquified Velociraptor Liquified Velociraptor

Rated 1 / 5 stars

still a long way to go, friend.

MelkorMorgoth responds:

Do you even see my way from where you are?

Love Love

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

arrghh that bloody distorted sound.
it sounds hideous and doesn't work with the playful chord progression and bassline in the slightest.
it literally sounds like an audio glitch that isn't meant to be in the song.

This is nearly 7 minutes of an awful distorted sound, a generic chord progression, a basic beat and the same bassline.


and over again.

very very repetitive and boring.

on the production side of things, the mix is pretty crap.
i'd focus on making a good song before getting in to all the technical production side of music making though, because this is a really bad song.

you have to start somewhere. just keep practising.

Free Bird (Sky Hopes Mix) Free Bird (Sky Hopes Mix)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

ok so the song is good. good vibe. cool.
but the mix is shit.
here you go, take it.
take it and run from the horrible world of muddy mixes.

TheNegativeIon responds:

...Really? You just typed "eq tutorial" into Google, copied the first link you saw, and pasted it in a review? You didn't bother to say anything specifically about the song? Wow. What a waste of review space.

I told you that this was one of my earlier remixes, like, from 2011. It was during a time when I wasn't all that familiar with mixing. I was really hoping you'd overlook that. I mean I know that doesn't excuse the problem's presence, but really? All you could do was link me to an external web page just so you wouldn't have to say anything yourself? I REALLY don't think that's the purpose of a review.

- MB - Invasion - MB - Invasion

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Far out this intense.
And oh my days, that loop is spot on.